About US

SOM Minerals and Mining Group Limited was established in 2018 in line with the emerging codification of government policy and legal frameworks for the extraction of minerals in Somalia.  The company is based in Mogadishu and is privately owned.

The purpose of the company is:


Although most current day mining activities in the Federal Republic of Somalia are small scale and artisanal in nature, there does exists considerable body of historical geological data from colonial and post-colonial studies, held in both public and private hands.

SMMG’s exploration programs are initially aimed at utilising such sources as a compliment to early-stage regional reconnaissance methods like remote-sensing satellite imagery, FTG aeromagnetic surveys, as well as seismic and conventional drilling mapping and sampling programs. By using a full suite of exploration tools and methodologies, the company seeks to be a safe, responsible and cost-efficient explorer for economic reserves of precious metals, precious stones and a full range of economic industrial minerals through the Republic of Somalia.

It is believed that Somalia contains significant untapped mineral resources and so SMMG Management foresee a fruitful and productive future for the extractives sector in Somalia that will be beneficial for investors as well as all the citizens of the country.


SMMG corporate strategy will set the highest of industry standards in terms of safety and environmental policy for the extraction and processing and sale and export of mineral resources as well as all other facets of Corporate and Social Responsibility.

The company believes the use of the latest modern technology and machinery will result in efficient, safe and economically sustainable mining operations that has hitherto not be developed in Somalia.


To promote in the mining and mineral industry any form of investment by companies directly or as joint ventures in association with other appropriate bodies, organizations, companies, individuals, etc.