Corporate Social Responsibility

SMMG is committed to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable way. SMMG recognises that it has corporate and social responsibilities to the local communities in the areas in which it operates, to its partners, to its employees and to its shareholders. In pursuing its business objectives it undertakes not to compromise its corporate or social responsibilities with any of these stakeholders.


The highest ethical standards are the cornerstone of SMMG’s business. SMMG is committed to conducting its business with integrity, honesty and fairness. All business activities are reviewed to ensure it meets these standards. It also seeks to ensure that standards are applied by its business partners, contractors and suppliers. All members of staff are individually accountable for their actions to ensure they apply and maintain these standards.


SMMG is committed to being a good partner in the communities in which the Company operates. Engagement and dialogue with our local communities is essential in ensuring, where possible, projects benefit both the Company and the communities in which the project is located.


SMMG is committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination where all employees are afforded equal opportunities and are rewarded upon merit and ability. In the implementation of this policy SMMG is committed to ensuring that all employees are given contracts with clear and fair terms. Staff are offered access to relevant training and encouraged to join professional bodies to enhance knowledge, competence and career development.

SMMG is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of conduct, accountability and propriety and to a culture of openness in which employees can report legitimate concerns without fear of penalty or punishment. SMMG has a whistle blowing policy which empowers employees to be proactive, to stop or report any failure to comply with legal obligations or SMMG’s regulations, dangers to health and safety, financial malpractice, damage to the environment, criminal offences and actions which are likely to harm the reputation of the Company. The whistle blowing policy allows employees to make anonymous reports directly to a non-executive Director.


It is an objective of SMMG that every individual is aware of his / her responsibility towards providing for a safe and secure working environment. HSES and social responsibility leadership are core competencies throughout SMMG’s line management organisation. SMMG’s HSES risks are managed in a systematic way by utilising procedures and appropriate training of staff, with the aim to reduce these risks to as low as is reasonably practical. SMMG ensures that appropriate emergency response systems are in place to reduce and mitigate the impact and losses of any incident and any residual risks and that it is in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and industry standards.

SMMG maximises its influence with joint venture partners to share its HSES and social responsibility values. Contractors are required to demonstrate and deliver a credible HSES and social responsibility programme. In order to achieve continual improvement, SMMG is committed to reviewing its HSES and social responsibility performance each quarter.

SMMG is committed to minimising its impact on the environment in both field operations and within its offices. All staff share responsibility for monitoring and improving the performance of its environmental policies with the objective of reducing our impact on the environment on a year on year basis.