Somalia’s mineral potential is not adequately explored. Since colonial and post-independence time, the country remains to be one of final frontiers that will offer opportunities and surprises to companies that venture into mining. Currently mining in Somalia is primarily for production of non-metallic minerals which consist of gemstones, salt, sepiolite, gypsum and kaolin.

Somaliland has abundant deposits of gemstones from emerald to aquamarine, ruby and sapphire as well as vast amounts of garnet and quartz.



This can be got in Lower Juba, on Kudha shores, on south-east coast of Somalia, south of Kismayo, sea water.


There is a high-grade limestone (Calcium limestone) which is suitable for cement production near Berbera at Suria Malable near Berbera; north of Baardheere Bur Anole and at Jiiqleey.


Piezo-quartz is important for electronics and good deposits of the mineral are reported in Lafaruug and Da’arburuq in Somaliland.


Uranium deposits are found in three areas of Galgaduud-Mudug and in Alio Ghelle in Bur Massif.

Sepiolite Playa-flat deposits South of El Buur.

The mining sector of Somalia is new and virgin. Over the years, it was neglected and ignored. It has an immense potential, and there are countless options and opportunities to those who intend to invest in Somalia. The geological evolution of Somalia, together with abundance of mineral deposits and its diversity are pointers towards rich and massive potential destined for discoveries. Untapped and unexploited deposits include gold, anhydrite, bauxite, columbite, copper, feldspar, iron ore, kaolin, quartz, silica sand, tantalum, thorium, tin and uranium.

USGS Minerals Yearbook 2015

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